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Personal Projects

This section shows some of my fun projects and other non-client work. The Snap Shots section to the left has links to some of my for-fun photography.

Mind Your Waste
A motion type call to action

In the fall of 2010 I saw Mark Randall of Worldstudio give a talk about his work with not-for-profit companies and about designing for change in general. I was inspired. That evening, I went home and started planning out this project. What I wanted to do was use facts to shock the viewer into action, or at least realize the need for change. I chose Rockwell for the piece because I wanted a typeface with some character as well as a somewhat official feel. The entire animation was created using After Effects CS5. I could have made the entire thing in flash, but it would have taken much more time.

The V Speech, V for Vendetta
3D kinetic typography

I love typography and creative language, so melding the two using the V Speech from V for Vendetta was an intriguing project. The fonts were chosen to try and add some of the character you get from the actors in this scene. The animation was created word by word in Maya, rendered once for color and once for shading, then combined in Adobe After Effects.